My partner was killed by online paedophile vigilantes

Allegations of sexual misconduct in the media
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My partner was killed by online paedophile vigilantes

Post by frightened2017 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:21 am

On the 30th November 2016 my partner of 37 years, my reason for living and getting out of bed every day, died in my arms from a massive heart attack. Our doctor of the past 19 years confirms he died because of the stress, anxiety and depression brought on during the 50 weeks we were both on bail for many subsequently proven false allegations, including allegations that we were paedophiles!

The police are now supposed to be investigating 24/7 Twitter abuse of myself by a gang of notorious supertrolls that include convicted criminals and rapist/paedophile apologists. I have a lifetime precedent in Law DV/DA order on one of these abusers who has breached the order almost 1000 times yet despite the order having automatic power of arrest without the requirement to obtain an arrest warrant, the police refuse to act. On the 20th April 2017 I faced him in bournemouth county courts. He was using the courts to further harass and revictimize me in what has now transpired to be an application to overturn his order. The police did send two uniformed officers to protect myself and the woman who drove me to the courts. However, they failed. The District Judge Sean Underhill ordered my abuser not to publish anything on social media. However he ignored that and immediately began posting, including this video he had taken from his car of him car stalking and abusing us. He edited out two of his death threats which you can detect but forget to edit out the final death threat which you can clearly hear. I downloaded it and posted it on my own channel so you can see and hear it here besides this we got photographs of his car which had been parked in front of the court building with no number plates on back or front. Despite these crimes, reported to the bournemouth police immediately, they still refuse to apprehend him, he has a very long criminal record.

The supertroll gang he belongs to has many other victims, including this journalist who has published her story about them in 2013, but her problems are also still ongoing ... ter-trolls

The police appear to be protecting this notorious gang who have connections to the Dorset police and crime commissioner Martyn Underhill who joined in the abuse that resulted in the death of my partner. He has a friend, a very creepy man financed for a tv series The Investigator who is also a member of this gang, his name is Mark Williams-Thomas, simply google the truth about him and you will see he is the man, though I use that description very lightly, who caused all the problems for Cliff Richard and other celebrities. He is a very close friend of PCC Underhill, and underhill is a proven freemason! They also have a friend who is part of the gang who was uncovered as being a senior adviser with the Citizens Advice Bureau.

They are publishing lies about me being a historic child sexual abuser all over twitter for over a year including just the other day, inciting homophobic vigilantes to kill me, they even leave anonymous comments in the bournemouth echo on dozens of stories that have nothing whatsoever to do in which they identify me and the parrot they also want killed, and i have been stopped in the street many times recently by total strangers asking If I and our parrot are the ones in the comments in the Echo!

You can listen to one of the voicemail death threats I have received, here

I do believe our deaths are imminent and I do not know what to do.

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