Father falsely accused of historical sex abuse. Anybody care to shed some light....

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Father falsely accused of historical sex abuse. Anybody care to shed some light....

Post by Darlek1 » Wed Nov 23, 2016 3:43 am

About a year ago, my father sat me down and broke the news that one of his very own siblings had gone to the police and accused him of raping her on multiple occasions when they were young, over 40 years ago. He had been asked to attend a police interview which he did so not knowing what he was to be questioned about. He described how he sat gobsmacked as he was accused of the most disgusting, heinous and blood curdling crimes he'd ever heard. He recounted with disgust how the police seemed to revel in his distress. They were loving it.

The plot thickens....
There has been bad blood between these two parties prior to this, a bitter family feud had existed in the last 3 years relating to the death of their mother from the same time. It is worth noting that the accuser has had a reputation as a liar and trouble maker amongst the extended family for years. Aside from that, they had gotten along cordially in general over the years.
Over the course of the investigation it has been revealed by other family members who were called in for questioning, that the accuser alleged that other family members had been witness to these crimes. Not a single other family member has corroborated these allegations. It has also been revealed that the accuser falsely accused a man of rape about 30 years ago. Obviously despite knowing these things, nobody knows what the police have made of it. All involved (except the police) unanimously believe that it is all a huge fabrication in order to cause serious harm to my father and also to gain financial compensation through a court.

However the investigation is still ongoing and no contact has been made by the police except for that first initial contact 12 months ago. We have no idea what is going on. This has slowly destroyed our lives. I have developed serious anxiety issues because of it, I have almost lost my job through anxiety and not sleeping and that's just me. I am terrified of the possibility of a miscarriage of justice. Despite having the support of the family, The ordeal has brought my father to his knees, I am seriously concerned about his mental wellbeing. It's not just the people directly involved but the entire family of both parties who will and have suffered. The weight of making these allegations is astronomical and something that is just totally unforgivable if it really is a lie. It has been a living nightmare.

Does anybody remotely know what could be going on now? I am aware of the procedure of these cases but It has been a year now with no contact whatsoever from the police. We were told that after 6 months a decision would be made to pass it onto the cps and we would be informed but we have been told nothing.

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Re: Father falsely accused of historical sex abuse. Anybody care to shed some light....

Post by Rik » Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:51 am

Could this be a case of False Memory Syndrome? Might be worth looking at the Sir Richard Henrique report on Op Midland. Has the complaint had a psychological evaluation? The new police and crime act 2017 is supposed to have stopped these year long investigations without action.

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