Falsely accused

Allegations of sexual misconduct in the media
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Falsely accused

Post by Freeman » Sun Sep 17, 2017 3:35 pm

October 2014 I was accused of a violent rape .I spent 24 hours in custody bailed and CPS No further actio ned it 6 weeks later . A press release was made stating I was being investigated it did not name me but I am a serving Police officer.
There was a wealth of evidenced ignored by the Police my colleagues which would not only have vindicated me at the earliest point but should have changed the investigation against her as it was clear she had lied!

They ignored this so I had to attempt to carry on with my life under the banner of rapist .
I then made a complaint a year later claiming she had perverted the cause of justice and sexually assaulted me .

The Police took two further years too get my case to court as the evidence was overwhelming in my favour .
On October 13 at Swansea crown court my accuser stands before the judge for sentencing as she has already pleaded guilty to the offence of pervert the course of justice ! I finally got some justice but my life is ruined !

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Re: Falsely accused

Post by kernel pip » Tue Sep 26, 2017 5:18 pm

people reading your case will see the facts, they will see the mistakes, and they will see the injustice.
What they will not be able to comprehend however is the utter desperation and the mental anguish you must have suffered over this case.
The false ,malicious allegations against me (Backlash)were thrown out after a year. It was life changing.
It is good to hear you will get some redress,lets hope it is severe, as reputations are precious and easily destroyed.
My barrister said " DON'T be tempted to seek revenge, move on with your life",,,, HA! thats easy for him to say.

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