Bringing accusers to justice

You have the biggest role to play in keeping your loved on on the rails during the time of their investigation / prosecution. This is the place where you can meet other partners and discuss the hell that your families are going through.
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Bringing accusers to justice

Post by Hippolytus » Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:06 am

A bit of back fill... I caught my friend and husband making out and after kicking her out I heard nothing from her until she accused him of rape. What he did was wrong and together we’re working through it but without going into too much detail we know that she made the accusation in case her boyfriend found out.

This is the most despicable kind of person that exists.

She would rather reign havoc and destroy a man’s life (and our family’s) just in case her boyfriend caught wind of her kissing another man.

She is also entitled to thousands of pounds compensation, even if the case is nfa.


We don’t know if he’ll be charged yet- it will be a complete miscarriage of justice if he is, but after reading the woeful statistics on successful prosecution of false allegations, I am not heartened. In the climate of today where allegations are common place, there is no safe guarding against those falsely accused. My husband will no longer leave the house. (He works from home) He has anxiety whenever he steps outside. He is paranoid and is afraid of telling people because “there’s no smoke without fire.” The cps have redefined rape as lacking positive consent (who does that each time before intimacy anyway) and the police have an adversarial system in place which puts the responsibility on men to prove (with evidence) their innocence.

But what is the answer?

Anonymity until proven guilty?
Downgrading of rape charges if consent was plausibly ambiguous?
Character statements allowed in court of BOTH the accuser and accused?

Who knows? But this boiling pot is becoming an epidemic until the lid blows off in someone’s direction. I just hope not too many by standers get scorched in the process.

I’ve never known hate before. I’m a worse person for having known this liar. And for knowing that people like this exist in the world. My sympathies for all of you going through this hell right now.

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