Nearly 2 years of living hell

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The sad poppy
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Nearly 2 years of living hell

Post by The sad poppy » Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:29 pm

At the start of 2015 we had a wakeup call from the local plod. I was arrested (kidnapped) and spoken to like scum. It took 9 months to charge me, for something that did not happen. Sexual touching of a child under 14 year of age. The child has also said my ex girlfriends new partner (at the time) has also done the same. Which i only found out when i was in court. They have joined the cases together for the child as sitting though 2 court cases may be overwhelming. But, today my family have found pictures on facebook of the child and her whole family at the childs birthday party, with the other accused DJ'ing for the party. Photos show the child (now 16) having a good time and not so bothered that a man, who she claims has abused her and awaiting trial is seen Hosting the party and within 4 feet away from her. They are all having a good time. Drinking beer etc. On the other end of this is me. Been removed from my family unit, having supervised visits to see my just turn one year son. I'm passing the photos to my solicitor tomorrow as surely this is wrong. I so hope the CPS have to re look at the case now due to this. I've said all the time shr was lying. Could this show that?

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Re: Nearly 2 years of living hell

Post by sad » Sat Jun 01, 2019 9:41 am

Hi, I really hope it works out for you because even though the person who accused my spouse got his description completely wrong and there was photo evidence to prove it, he has been found guilty.
Its bad when a person cant be kind and considerate without being accused of nasty things.

got to fight now to try and get the justice system on track and stop being spineless and believing everything they hear.

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