Accused of a horrendous act

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Accused of a horrendous act

Post by Accusedandinnocent » Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:01 pm

Good afternoon back in june i recived a phone call from my ex partners brother who was claiming i had sexually assaulted his child. The shock and not to mention sickening feeling i got from such an accusation made me throw up while on the phone to him. My life since thwn has been hell constantly crying the bouts of terrible dark depression thoughts of suicide all have plagued my life l. I hadnt heard a thing from the police u till this afternoon i was contacted by them to arrange a voluntary interview under caution. Having never broken the law or been stopped by or spoken to any police officer im very clueless in what happnes especially seeing as im innocent and the only person who belives the girl is her father the rest of his family have cut him and her out of there lives because they know the truth and they know i could never do anything remotely horrifying as what im being accused of. Im at my whits end with it all. I so desperately want this to be over so i cannl try and piece my life back together. Just looking for support. As i feel so alone ive told me current partner but i feel im falling on deaf ears. The accusers get all the support and guidance wheres the support for people who arse accused but not guilty of such shocking crimes

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Re: Accused of a horrendous act

Post by Reds66 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:23 pm


I'm so sorry for what your trouble and that no one answered when you needed advice.

I hope you managed to get through it.


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