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advice PLEASE

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:58 pm
by MarkCC1966
Okay I need some advice please. As I am so worried. Last October 2017 I was falsely accused by an ex pupil of a sexual offence. I am a teacher and I always disliked this particular girl, who was 16 and at the school for only 8 weeks. I'm accused of 'showing her favours' in 2002, allowing her to smoke in my classroom (WTF), taking her to my home - meet the family & then taking her upstairs to do an oral act on her while I kept all my clothing on. Then she broke up with me (REALLY?!). Its a piss take, she was a drugged out 16 year old, riddled with head lice and with so much trouble connected ...I actively disliked her, but fell out with her foster family some years later. I met them in 2017 again and suddenly up pops this allegation. I have shown to the best of my ability that none of this could have happened, brought in witness statements from those living with me at the time and showing it is not credible. But it has wrecked my life. I have lost my teaching job and have social services crawling over my young family now due to this. I suffer from anxiety, sleeplessness and depression and can't focus. My record is totally clean and bar from this have never been interviewed by the police ever. One year later and the police have passed it to the CPS. I am now even more worried, does this mean that the police believe they can get a conviction? I read that the majority of cases the CPS get go to court, is this true? Nothing I can do, but I am so scared inside. So any thoughts are most welcome. Thank You. I've never been targeted like this before and I don't understand - the internet report I read said 90% of cases that involve basically one persons word against another will go to court - is that right?