Average time taken to case outcome?

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Average time taken to case outcome?

Post by Faulkner » Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:43 pm

To cut a long story short , i was interviewed under caution and released under investigation back in late July, over multiple counts of alleged historical rape wirh my ex partner following the breakdown of our relationship.

During this time I have near driven myself insane, suffered harrasment from her family , suffered a multitude of health problems.

What is the average time taken for a decison to be taken ? In November I was told the case was awaiting review by a DI.

I honestly cannot understand what they can even be investigating after all this time and the waiting is driving me mad.

There is a multitude of texts on my seized phone that point to my inocence and I would have hoped this would have concluded things by now but it seems not.

Should i be putting pressure on the police or leaving them to it?

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Re: Average time taken to case outcome?

Post by Hippolytus » Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:01 am

Hey, Sorry to hear that this has happened to you. I can’t offer any advice but I just wanted to say that the same is happening with my husband at the moment. He was accused last July of raping when in actual fact I CAUGHT them kissing, fully clothed. I would think that this would be an open and shut case since there clearly was no sex but after hubby was questioned under caution and I gave a witness statement in October, there has still been no news as to whether or not he will be charged.

On a side note, one thing that helped us was to look up at our local crown court files to see details of people who have been convicted of rape. Looking at the summary of the cases it seems that they are far and few between, but also it seems that mostly it’s only the hardcore, violent rapes that get convicted, with a multitude of evidence against the rapist. You have texts to prove your innocence so try and concentrate on the good stuff. We are still in limbo as well so I think it’s pretty standard unfortunately.
Good luck to you

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Re: Average time taken to case outcome?

Post by Wrongltaccused » Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:26 pm

Hi !

I have recently gone through a similar situation, which has had a positive outcome.

However, the journey to that outcome was over 2 years from when I was accused.
I was arrested (on suspicion) almost 3 months after the alleged incident, interviewed, bailed.
Then 3 months later, interviewed and bailed.
The process seemed to be taking forever and being somebody who doesn't know the in's & out's of the British Legal system, I decided to instruct a Direct Access Barrister.
I took this action, as I wanted somebody who knew the process to advise me on the stages/steps and also to face off to the police who were investigating.
I was charged, based on a very weak case and ended up in court a number of times, challenging the case, prior to any trial, which never took place. The case was dropped before trial.

So, am sorry to say, that in current times, these types of cases take a while to 'process'.

However, believe in your innocence.
Never give up fighting !
Get a good lawyer.

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Re: Average time taken to case outcome?

Post by Faulkner » Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:34 am

Thanks for replys.

I have instructed a good lawyer recommended from this site, they are chasing the police on a monthly basis but they keep just saying the investigation is ongoing.

I am struggling to understand how they can still be investigating months down the line , and what they are actually investigating.

2 years sounds absolutley ridicolous !

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Re: Average time taken to case outcome?

Post by biz » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:18 pm


Really sorry to hear about your situation. I know from experience that its the waiting that does the most damage.

Unfortunately you must practise patience. The police are so over worked and understaffed that these investigations can take months if not years. Every allegation should be investigated fully, I understand that however I believe there is a major problem within this system. Cases are not given the full attention by relevantly qualified people (the CPS is under collapse and has been for a number of years) So unfortunately and with great frustration I have to say that anyone who comes into these horrible circumstances is stuck in the system.

Keep faith, the procedures and amount of time waiting is brutal HOWEVER in my opinion the actual legal system of this country (trials and court) are very fair and justice does prevail. Fingers crossed it does not come to this for yourselves and this will all go away and leave you in peace.

Your not alone, from this site you will see that there are many suffering, get as much help as you can.

Take care and keep strong.

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Re: Average time taken to case outcome?

Post by Faulkner » Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:57 pm

Well, after nearly 8 months its been reviewed by a detective inspector and no further action will be taken.

I received the news tonight and broke down, im now totally wired and cant sleep, but glad the nightmare is over.

I really want to contact my accuser to demand an explanation but the other part of me just wants to get on with my life.

I strangley feel stronger even after looking backing to the horrendous times.

To anyone in a similar situation , keep strong !

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