Worried of where this is going....

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Worried of where this is going....

Post by Drive4it » Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:39 am


First of all I am a worrier.

On walking home from the pub last Saturday night I came across a woman who was very drunk on her feet but quite ok in speech.
She recognised me from a friend we both knew.
As I was trying to flag down a taxi for her, which never happened she was busy taking off her boots as her feet hurt, she also mentioned she'd had or was having trouble with her tights which I never seen her wearing.
I assisted her at one point by steadying her with her hand and holding her boots.
On walking her a few minutes 10min maximum my wife phoned to say she was walking home from the same pub and only a few mins behind.
I explained to her the scenario and I left the lady to continue walking home and rushed back the few hundred yards to my wife to continue walking home with my wife.
The discussion was slightly heated between me and my wife but certainly not an argument.
On getting home I found the woman via Facebook and sent her a private message just to say I hope she got home ok.
The reply followed the next morning asking where I'd seen her but no further information was given.

Anyway a few hours later the police called me in to make a statement, which I did and would of read as above.

A few days later they asked for a statement off my wife to verify my movements.

After she verifyed my movements the police issued a public notice on their website saying there was a report of a suspected sexual attack on the woman and we're looking for any witnesses, she arrived home 2/3 hours after I'd seen her even though she was only 10 min walk away from her home.

Even though the police have said to me on a couple occasions I'm not a suspect, it really is unnerving me, especially as they're asking my wife for my times of verification.

The only thing I haven't informed my wife of is that I got in touch with the lady when I got home to make sure she got home ok.

I almost feel like I'm being framed and they are going to blame me for something I haven't done, just by being a good samaritan.

Please help.
Yours anxious

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